A collaborative work

I would like to say a huge thank you to my sister!

From an early age, we have not only been a wonderful team but we have always been able to count on each other.

You have always supported me and encouraged me to do something special. Dear Sue, I have always admired you for your extraordinary way of dealing with life. I love your inexhaustible creativity, your humor and your wonderful nature. I wish every human being a sister like you. I owe you a lot and thank you for so much!

Your wonderful baby sling wraps have always inspired me and I can only recommend them to everyone.

Today, they are used by my now older children for other purposes, such as for example a warm scarf, etc. www.pucktuch.ch


A big thank you to all my friends! You have supported me from the beginning.

I want to mention Susan Vonlanten, Yvonne Buchs, Sandra Abbühl, Barbara Andrey, Madlen Dickson, Sandra Riedo, Nicoletta Bianchi, Micha Trelle and Vanessa Fraser

When I told you about my idea and presented my wrap to you, you filled me with your enthusiasm and encouragement plus supporting me. When we were looking for a name for the bamboo wrap, we all knew that it should be something containing the word “soul”. And in the end, we all liked Barbara's proposal best. All of you have always advised and accompanied me. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done for me. I am already looking forward to supporting your larger and smaller projects in the future. Because together we can move mountains! Thank you for being there, you make my life rich and colourful!  


Dear Rolf, to me you are both the best husband and my best friend. I thank you for your constantly loving nature and your unshakeable faith in me. Thank you for always supporting me with my sometimes unconventional and crazy ideas and for always being open to new things. With you life is fun.


Dear Käthi, your untiring commitment and your brilliant skills have made the Soulcape a precious handmade wrap. There is loads of development work behind this product. Your enthusiasm has always touched me very much and I was delighted to design, create and develop the wrap with you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Ein herzliches Dankeschön gebührt ebenfalls meinem Vater Pit, der mich bei der Entwicklung der Verpackung tatkräftig unterstützt hat. 

All logos and the design of Soulcape were created and designed by my dear friend Barbara. I'm surprised again and again by your myriad capabilities.

From sound therapy to design, you have the most extensive knowledge.


I was very happy when you agreed to design my logo. I knew you were the right one to do it! Thank you for your patience and time! Thanks to you, Soulcape has the perfect packaging.  


Dear Herby and Miriam, My grateful thanks for all your valuable feedback and ideas.Paul, you have presented my Soulcape in the very best light through your artistic talents, thank you very much for all the great photos! www.paul-talman.ch

Dear Vanessa, I appreciate the English translation of my website very much. Thanks to you I can sell my Soulcape also  in Brazil. Thank


My grateful thanks to Rolf and Sabine Aeppli from hand in hand Switzerland. I appreciate very much working with you. www.handinhand-schweiz.org




www.soulcape.ch  Beatrice Dietrich  Schweiz

E-Mail: info@soulcape.ch