Feel embraced by love and give children hope for a brighter future






Not just a bamboo wrap







The multipurpose wrap made of bamboo with eco level 3




Whether as a scarf, yoga wrap, poncho or blanket, the Soulcape can be used in many ways in everyday life.



Organic bamboo fiber


The Soulcape is extremely comfortable on the skin. Despite being highly flexible, it always retains its perfect shape. Consisting of 100% organic bamboo fibre, it is free of pesticides and therefore hypoallergenic.Furthermore, the bamboo fabric has two other great features: It’s breathable and has thermo-control.The hollow fibre allows the bamboo fabric to wick away moisture three times faster than conventional cotton.That’s how the fabric keeps you cool in heat and warm in cold.


Swiss product


Käthi Dietrich carefully processes the organic bamboo fabric in her sewing studio "chez Catherine" in Schmitten FR. She is a trained interior decoration seamstress with many years experience. Sewing is her passion. Each wrap involves a lot of handwork. Each wrap is cut by hand and processed with much love and attention to detail. Many hours of development have been put into developing the Soulcape.








In Asia, where bamboo grows, the raw material is transformed into fabric under very strict guidelines.The sustainability of the fabric is guaranteed at the highest level. It is important to me that the raw material is produced from controlled organic farming.The bamboo fabric has the highest level of certificate. When awarding the certificate, not only the quality standards of the fibres and yarns/threads are of great importance, but also the ecological and social aspects of the entire supply chain matter. These companies are inspected annually by independent testing bodies on site.


















Social project


By purchasing a Soulcape you are supporting the “Hand in Hand” AssociationSwitzerland which sponsor a class of the Balashram Boarding School. This sponsorship, which involves the whole class coverseach and every child, as is unfortunately notalways the case forindividual sponsorships. Therefore, each child has an equal chance of personal developmentand benefits from a long-term and targeted education in the safeenvironment of the Balashram school.  Beatrice Dietrich  Schweiz