The project

hand in hand

Soulcape supports the non-profit making charity, Hand in Hand Switzerland. Because I know that a good education cannot be taken for granted, I would like to offer, as far as I can, an opportunity for an education for those to whom it has been denied.

By purchasing a Soulcape wrap, you can personally help to ensure that a child in India gets a place in a safe and loving school.

For every wrap sold, a part of the proceeds goes to the charity Hand in Hand Switzerland. To me, it is an affair of the heart to share hope, confidence, warmth and compassion with all those who need it most.

Let's help each other to make the world a warmer, more loving place!






The “Hand in Hand” Association Switzerland sponsors a class of the Balashram Boarding School in Orissa, India. This sponsorship, which involves the whole class covers each and every child, as is unfortunately not always the case for individual sponsorships. Therefore, each child has an equal chance of personal development and benefits from a long-term and targeted education in the safe environment of the Balashram school.Through the sponsorship, children who come from the poorest backgrounds, most of them orphans, have the chance to go to school and live in a safe home. The children will grow up to be optimistic and independent young people. Due to their good education, they in turn will be able to help improving the living conditions of other people in need.  Beatrice Dietrich  Schweiz