About me


My name is Beatrice Dietrich, I am married and a mother of two wonderful daughters. I have been working as a qualified expert in intensive care since 2000.

I have been very positively influenced by countless encounters with many different people throughout my life.


I am grateful for so many things, because in my opinion nothing can be taken for granted. I am deeply moved by all those people who have shown me how one can still see goodnesss from blows of fate, illness or even shortly before imminent death.

All those people helped me to see that it's never too late to focus on the positive.

A young woman once told me: "No matter how gloomy the day may seem, and no matter how hopeless the situation looks, there is always a small light switch to be turned on. You just have to look for it patiently.


All those people have been some of my greatest teachers. Through them I

have been taught so much, amongst other things, that friendships are the most

important and valuable things in life.

Everything is so much easier when you feel supported, valued and loved by others. Life

has taught me to be patient, attentive and cautious. Insignificant things fade and become meaningless to me.


I know that unbelievably great things can happen when every human being would

treat his environment with respect, care and kindness. Every human being can then in their own way give so much goodness to others. For me, happiness is a state of mind detached from material things. This is why I find joyfulness in the many small and everyday things.



We all have choices and we can all support each other. Happiness and joy, which result from this, then multiply by themselves. This brings me peace and happiness.

For me, my Soulcape bamboo wrap is more than just a wrap that I use whilst meditating.

Through all its properties, my multifunctional wrap gives me a feeling of being enveloped and protected which I’d like to share symbolically with the


For me, education is one of the most valuable and sustainable things that we can give young people. That’s why the sale of my Soulcape wrap supports a school class in India. The project is managed by the association Hand in Hand Switzerland. For me, this whole procedure is an affair of the heart.


The children all come from poor backgrounds, have to face life alone and usually don’t have any parents. Through our support, they get the chance to have a safe home and education as well as the important medical care. By purchasing a Soulcape Wrap you personally contribute to help such children.


I wish you a lot of joy, security and love whilst wearing my Soulcape wrap.





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